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International Freight Services

Do you have ocean freight in your own shipping container? When the shipper has the exclusive right to use a lot of multi-modal ocean cargo container. It is most cost-effective to charter a 40-foot container that is suitable for most goods. FCL usually turns out to be the best choice to optimize your import or export operations by ocean, making it more effective. Shipment of goods to / from the EU into a multi-modal shipping containers will always be safer and more economical than using a different ocean freight, such as Ro-Ro and Break-Bulk.

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Domestic Freight Services

If you don't have enough cargo to fill an ocean freight container, We can offer you space within a container that is shared with other customers’ goods to deliver economical usage-based costing.

Why waste time and wait for a full container? LCL keeps goods moving in your supply chain because you can send them as soon as they are ready.

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Ocean Shipping

For very good reasons, ocean shipping is the most commonly used method in the world for moving goods overseas – it is affordable, reliable, and with BLESKI Shipping Agency, it couldn’t be easier. Whether you operate a full scale, multi-billion dollar corporation or a small business with only occasional shipping needs, here are just a few of many great reasons why ocean shipping with BLESKI Shipping Agency is a smart solution that will maximize your company’sprofitability:

Get a bulk rate without the bulk requirements – BLESKI Shipping agency ships large amounts of goods to destinations around the globe by land, air, and sea every single day. Because of that high volume, we are able to secure far lower rates than a single business or individual could achieve independently.

Reliable Results without the Hassle – Far too often, businesses lose astounding amounts of money, time, and productivity because they use the wrong carriers to ship their products. That’s why BLESKI Shipping Agency does the research for you – we know which carriers are most reliable in each respective location around the globe, and our clients rest easy knowing that their goods will arrive on time and in good condition because we oversee the process from start to finish.

Total Supply Chain Solutions – There are many freight forwarders and NVOCC’s in the market who would love to have your business. But BLESKI Shipping Agency goes above and beyond the standard services that our competition offers with door-to-door total supply chain solutions. From dock to destination, we handle every step of the shipping process that you can continue doing what you do best without the extra stress.

Cost Reduction That Makes a Difference – With BLESKI Shipping Agency services, you can ship your goods for a fraction of standard air shipping costs. When you need a reliable solution that saves you both money and time, we are here to meet all of your needs. Faster Freight is more than a fully licensed, quality shipping solution for your business –we also pride ourselves on becoming a valuable member of your team. If you are ready to see why our clients return again and again, bringing their friends and family to use our services. We won’t let you down.

  • Dry Freight
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Auto Transport
  • Refrigerated Goods
  • Oversized “Flatrack” Loads
  • High Value Shipments
  • Anywhere, Anytime Shipping
  • High Value Shipments
  • Extensive Safety Checks
  • Multiple Origins
  • Multiple Destinations
  • Expedited Shipping Options
  • Dependability/Reliability Checks
  • Certified Carriers
  • Land, Air, and Sea!

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Consumer goods trade

Company is also engaged in consumer electronic goods, personal computer and server hardware, electric equipment, industrial machinery, building materail and building equipment international trade.

Company has extensive experience in those fields of trade. We offer our Clients broad range of trade solutions, depending on their demand. We have a dedicated team of professionals in their fields that have deep knowledge and understanding of global market requirements and possibilities, as well as Client's needs.

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